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Xenon Strobe


This device is a flasher. In collection at the time of the night, the stormy weather of various underwater observation equipment, it assists the confirmation of the position by the emission of light of the electronic flash , so it is a thing of facilitating discovery.
The characteristic of this flasher is available in depth to 12,000m because of superior to light weight and prevention of rust characteristics and also withstand pressure container made by titanium.
In a state of observation at the bottom of the sea , it is possible to stop movement by a pressure switch or a clinometer.

Strobe strength
4.6~7.3 km
Flashing interval
1-60 seconds
Power supply
Use period
for more than 50-hour (continuance)
1.4 kg (in air), 0.8 kg (underwater)
φ47 x L50mm
working depth
~6,700 m