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This device has serial interface for PC connection of 1 system and serial number interface for data entry of 2 systems and can record the serial number data of 2 systems at the same time.
Because the baud rate of all serial interface can set freely, it is able to connect various apparatuses easily.
In addition, it is possible to connect the apparatus of the RS-232C level by adding an optional level converter.
The format of recordable serial data can record the large-capacity data of up to 3,857,900 by text data.
It is the design of the low power consumption particularly standby mode electricity completely becomes 0 at the time of the shut down.
Because the main body is microminiature, effective utilization of the space is possible to set in the small apparatus.

I/F for PC conection
LVTTL level In/Out ×1
I/F for Data input
LVTTL level In/Out ×2
Memory capacity
Max recording line
Clock function
Clock function/ Freq deviation :5±23*10^-6 at 25deg-C
Power Volt
Power consumption
Operation : 45mA at 5V * includ level converter
Shut down : 0(mA)
Size for Circuit area
Operating temp
0~40deg-C *No condensation required