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Digital video camera


This system is to use for the photography of the picture in the deep sea.
This deep sea DVD camera system is comprised two withstand pressure containers and the 1st container is including DVD video camera (TRV-900) , main body control unit , battery , light for illumination , the 2nd one is for camera control unit and battery.
This system controls ON/OFF of a camera and the light in the period as setting beforehand.
When irradiate two points of beams in light on , possible to make the size comparison for the picture objects.

Photography time
Photography number of times
1-3600 times
The use depth of water
Use period
six months
The amount of this weight
about 16 kg (air), about 5.7 kg (under the sea)
Battery part weight
about 9.3 kg (air), about 6.1 kg (under the sea)
φ179 x L401 mm (body), φ94 x L457 mm (battery part)