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Thermometer for underground


This device sticks a spear into deep sea-bed and is a device measuring the underground temperature at under seabed.
It is located few thermistors in the spear and can measure underground temperature at the same time for longitudinal some points.
In addition, It is possible to measure a thermal diffusion of the underground by heating the heater line in the spear.
The withstand pressure container of the main body assumes it the slim shape that it is easy to treat in a robot hand in consideration of the use with midget submarines such as ROV, and magnet SW to do it has a heater in on forcibly.
t enable the long-term observation in the sea and also observation in the strong corrosion area by using titanium in materials.

Useful water depth
Rough size
φ60(Max78)×L904(body area 484)
Air about 3.8(kg) ;Water about 2.1(kg)
Material for container
Installation period
about 18(month) ;*depending on battery
Measurement range of thermister
0~6,500.0(Ω) ;0.1(Ω)step
Channel number of thermister
Suplye power for heater
about 4.8(W)
Inclination meter(X,Y)
±45.0(°) ;0.1(°)step
Memory capacity
8(MB) ;about 380,000(equivalent)
External SW
Magnet SW
external I/F
RS-232C ;9,600(BAUD)