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MST type multi-acoustic controller


As for this sound control unit, the control system of the sound-type transponder was developed for the purpose of controlling every sound control of the underwater interval in a ship to a base.

The main function,
A.Range-finding with the transponder
B.The drive of the release device and the monitor
C.Navigation support an own ship and the underwater movement object
D.Data communications from various sensors

It performs to have the sound communication for transponders and various marine research apparatuses set up underwater.
The sound communication range is 10Km wide and setting to depth of the water 10,000m is enabled depending on the withstand pressure performance of the transponder.
This control unit is equipped with multipurpose LCD and can confirm various control situation.
In addition, it is possible to control by the program card according to purpose of use.

Transmitting output
maximum 50W
Receiving sensitivity
maximum 30μV
The number of control ch
The number of reception ch
which it is simultaneous with
power supply
about 12kg