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In order to meet both their requests and desire of research institution and company that have taken an active part in the ocean research fields and explotaion as pioneer , KAIYO DENSHI Co., Ltd. has already exploited and designed original observation machines according to their purpose and use then send out lots of fairly reliable products.
We will make an efforts to service and enrich the system of our company and information networks to meet many kinds of customer requests not only with certainly but with speed .
The last unknown world sea which was left on the ground.
We are proud that we can contribute to the development of the field of marine resources development that we hid infinite possibility in spite of being poor ability, and as encouragement, we will study it every day.

Company name
5-19-13 Suneori-cyou tsurugashima,Saitama,JAPAN350-2211
TEL +81-49-271-6116
FAX +81-49-271-6117
Managing Director
Taichi Kawakami
1 April 1987
at 10millin yen
List of Production
Acoustic Navigation System
Acoustic Transponder System
Acoustic Positioning Indicate System
Acoustic Correspond Data System
Acoustic Release Machine
Position Indicate for Diver(ROV)
Heat Flow System
Inverted Echo Sounder
Another ocean acoustic apparatus and electric control device